These fans got their tickets reimbursed by Fansure when star players sat out.

For those who are still on the fence whether or not to take advantage of our player protection service – i.e. the option to protect your game day tickets based on whether a player of your choice ends up playing in the game you attend – maybe these success stories will help change your mind.

  1. Kyrie vs. Boston, 11/29/19 | $110 reimbursed: André from Portugal came all the way to New York to see his favorite player, Kyrie Irving, take on the Boston Celtics (his former team).  At the time, Kyrie was questionable for that game even though he had missed his return to Boston the game before (the front end of the home-and-home between the two teams).  Luckily for André, he protected his tickets for only $26 to get his money back.
  2. Paul George vs. Memphis, 1/4/2020 & Kawhi vs. NY Knicks, 1/5/2020 | $194 reimbursed: Jacob from Los Angeles is a season ticket holder for the LA Clippers.  He’s had to deal with the frequent disappointment of Kawhi Leonard pretty much punting any back-to-back games – something he did not expect when he made his initial investment prior to the start of the season.  Fortunately, Jacob protected his tickets for both games knowing that Paul George’s health was questionable as well.  For $48, Jacob was able to get the monetary peace of mind that he’d get his near $200 back for protecting his tickets through Fansure.
  3. Pascal Siakam vs. Portland, 1/7/2020 | $165 reimbursed: Fowad from Toronto knew that Pascal Siakam has been dealing with injuries this season.  So when he bought three tickets at $55/each to see his Raptors take on the Portland Trailblazers, he wanted to make sure his $165 investment wouldn’t be tainted by Pascal’s absence. Fowad not only got his tickets reimbursed for a mere $12/ticket, but actually got to see a thrilling game that ended with a vintage Carmelo Anthony hitting a game winner – albeit against the team he was rooting for.  Still, I’m sure Fowad was happy to protect his tickets and get a great game going experience!

Next time you go to a game, bear in mind that you could be the next person to get to go to a game for free if a player of your choice sits out.  After all, Why Pay If They Don’t Play?

Published by Vijay

Founder/CEO of Fansure

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